Thanks for checking out The Real Cool Cats, a band with Vintage Vibe and Classic Coolness! We play the greatest music of all time- a blend of Rhythm and Blues, Country and Soul, all coming together to form that famous, heart pumping, energizing sound we all love…Rock & Roll! 

It Jumps, it Jives, it Swings, it Sways, it moves you in ways that get your feet tapping and your voice soaring.  We play it all, as long as it has a Rock & Roll soul.
You’ll hear the famous Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues of the 40s and 50s, the Classic Rock and Soul of the 60s and 70s, the Rock and Roll Revival of the 1980s, and we even throw in some rockers from the 90s and beyond.
And we play original Rock & Roll too!
Rock & Roll has a soul, and The Real Cool Cats are keeping it alive!
Long Live Rock!


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